The Facility for Imaging and Brain Research (FIBRE), located on the ground floor of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Gateway (SBSG: map) houses a 3T Siemens Prisma scanner, a mock scanner, and data analysis facilities.  This research-dedicated MRI scanning facility, operated by Dr. Craig Stark, is designed to suit a wide range of basic and translational research programs by researchers across the UCI campus and beyond.

The Prisma scanner is the outcome of a tremendous effort by both Siemens and the National Institutes of Health to develop an MRI machine that is a generation above the current technology.  This was done in the service of the Human Connectome Project that has now laid out specifications for “connectome-ready” scanners that can provide far greater resolution and detail when mapping connectivity within the human brain.

UCI has equipped the scanner with a host of advanced features including:

  • Both 32- and 64-channel head coils to suit needs of various neuroscience studies
  • Specialized packages for multi-band fMRI, DTI, etc.
  • Specialized packages for MR spectroscopy including non-proton MRS
  • Specialized packages for diffusion and ASL imaging
  • Specialized packages for cardiac and angio imaging as well as periphery coils
  • Complete, signed Master Research Agreement (MRA) for access to custom / experimental protocols

In addition to these features of the scanner, the facility is setup for functional MRI imaging (fMRI) and is equipped with stimulus delivery and response collection systems from Cambridge Research Systems including:

Finally, the facility itself (map) is setup with easy access for participant parking (Lot 2 or Lot 1), space available for pre- and post-scan testing, consenting, etc., and a mock scanner that can be use for acclimating participants.