PTIC Scheduling and Data Access

Scheduling MRI Time

Scheduling MRI access time can be accomplished by clicking on the following link (scroll down to the PTIC Make An Appointment):

Online Scheduling Service

To request access to the scheduling system, please contact Pat Silver (

Data Access without Annual Storage Fee(not yet active)

Data acquired on the PTIC will be saved to CCNI data server within 24hrs after acquisition.

You can access the data using the following Web Interface: LINK

Each user is responsible for their own data backups. PTIC will maintain scans on a local NAS (RAID-6) for as long as space allows. However, don’t use this as your primary backup. Always, always check data transfers soon and back up your own raw data. PTIC will guarantee data availability for a minimum of 30 days after acquisition.

Data Access with Annual Storage Fee (not yet active)

If you have paid the annual storage fee, we will guarantee data availability on the NAS (or other web based storage mechanism) for 1 year after data acquisition. Good practices for each investigator are still to have an independent data back up available.

You can access the long term storage site here: LINK