FIBRE: Standard Operating Procedures and Manuals


  1. Master FIBRE Policies and Procedures: Your one-stop guide to all-things FIBRE
  2. FIBRE and NIC Safety Manual: What to learn in studying for your MRI safety exam
  3. MRI Screening Checklist: Every time, no exceptions – what to screen for

Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs)

  1. SoP of SoPs: How SoPs are made and edited
  2. Corrective and Preventative Action Plan: How we make changes, fix things, and document this at FIBRE
  3. Severe Adverse Events: What to do in the event of an SAE
  4. Personal Information Handling: What to do and not do with personal information
  5. MRI Safety Screening: How to screen people for safe use of FIBRE
  6. MRI Setup: Setting up the scanner, getting participants in and out of the magnet, etc.
  7. COVID-19: Specific COVID-19 policies in place during Phase 2 of research