PTIC MR Imaging Rates

The following Table list prices for activities related to the Preclinical and Translational Imaging Center.  Download here: PTIC Rates

Service UCI Non-UCI Industry
MR Imaging (/hr) (7am-7pm) 165 210 320
After Hours MRI (7pm-7am)* 500 635 950
Imaging Training (/hr) 50 65 95
Data Analysis (/hr) 50 65 95
Analysis Training (/hr) 50 65 95
Sequence/Protocol Development (/hr)** 100 130 190
Euthanization (/hr)*** 50 65 95
Computer Use Time (/hr) 10 13 18
Data Storage/Backup (/yr)@**** 500 635 950
Contrast Use (Gd based) 60 75 115
Animal Housing***** 17 22 33

* – no tech provided, cost for 12hrs

** – non standard, research specific

*** – includes equipment, tech, supplies

**** – annual fee per user

***** – contract PTIC staff for details


MR Imaging – MRI imaging by PTIC technical staff (7am- 7pm only), no discount for self-imaging

After Hours MR Imaging (7pm-7am) – only self-imaging, PTIC staff not included. PTIC technical staff available at $50/hr.

Imaging Training – Training for personnel to operate MRI equipment

Image and Data Analysis – PTIC technical staff undertakes analysis of MRI images (e.g., volumetric, quantitative tissue measures, diffusion tensor analysis)

Analysis Training – PTIC technical staff training investigators/personnel to analyze MRI data

MRI Sequence Development – develop unique programing for MRI sequence based on investigator requirements (contact PTIC for details of non-standard sequences)

Euthanization – euthanize, extraction of brain, carcass disposal for ex vivo or after in vivo imaging

Computer Use –self-serve computer lab for PTIC users for analysis/protocol development

Data Storage Back Up – online access to MRI data and storage (yearly charge, 30GB limit); data will only be available for 30 days after acquisition without data storage subscription.

Contrast Use– a single vial of Gd based contrast agent; investigators responsible for dose etc.

Animal Housing – rodent housing/mo, quarantine housing available for outside investigators, request details from PTIC technical staff.