For Researchers

The facilities at the CCNI are here to serve you, the researcher.  Here, we provide information on scheduling and billing, safety and operator training, how to report that something is wrong, a discussion board, and contact information for the personnel in each of the facilities.

When using or considering use of the facilities, please keep in mind these rules and regulations:

General rules and regulations

  • In accordance with UCI policy, data collection involving human subjects cannot be initiated prior to Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval and data collection involving animals cannot be initiated prior to Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approval.  Principal Investigators (PIs) are responsible for obtaining and maintaining approval for their studies.  The CCNI can assist in developing protocols if needed, but approval must be in place and current for any data to be collected.
  • Every researcher (PI, postdoctoral fellow, graduate student, or undergraduate student) is required to take and pass the relevant safety training exam prior to being allowed into the scanner control area.  There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Each PI is responsible for the actions of their staff, subjects and/or patients.  The safety of all present is ultimately the responsibility of the PI as is any damage to the facility or its equipment resulting from improper use or negligence.
  • Each PI is responsible for timeliness, both arriving to and departing from the scanner. You may not rush another lab out if it is not your time yet and you may not force another lab to delay if you have exceeded your scheduled time.
  • Each PI is responsible for cleaning up after their session. Trash must be put in the appropriate receptacle and not left elsewhere in the facility.
  • The PET and Animal MRI scanners are only operated by technicians provided by the facility.
  • The two human MRI scanners can be operated by members of individual labs once they have passed not only the safety training course but also the scanner-specific operator training course.  Once certified (and if accompanied by another researcher) they may scan participants without assistance from the Center operator.  Each facility is certified separately, as the procedures to operate each scanner differ.